There is some rain in forecast for Halloween. Will it be a lot of rain? A little? Rain at night during Trick or Treat? This is Florida and even the professionals can’t answer those questions. We can’t let a little rain spoil our Halloween fun so we came up with these rainy Halloween alternatives in  Pensacola for you and your family!

Head Over To the Cordova Mall

Dress in your costume and have some spooky fun based on Vampirina and your favorite Disney Jr. Pals from 5:30-7:30 pm.


Invite family and friends over for a Halloween party. Play some spooky games and make some Halloween treats all while spending time with your favorite people.


Have family game night, Halloween style! Bob for apples, wrap each other up like mummies, bowl with pumpkins, play glow in the dark ring toss, pin the spider on the web. Or you could just stick to old favorites like UNO and Monopoly.


Decorate some spooky Halloween cookies or cupcakes, make a fun recipe with all that candy you bought, make a few crafts. Watch a few Halloween Movies. The possibilities are endless.

Go Out to Eat

Why stay home when you can go out? Dress up and costume and go have a bite to eat. Bonus: A lot of local restaurants are offering special meal deals and freebies if the kids come in their costumes. 

No matter what you choose to do, don’t let the rain ruin your fun! Happy Halloween.