After school activities, promote exercise, give children a chance to be creative, allow them to make new friends and learn new things.  However, finding the right activity, the right school, the right sport or the right class can be challenging. That’s why we put together the 2018 Pensacola After School Activities Guide to help you find the right activity, sport or class for your family.

Dance Classes In The Greater Pensacola Area

To say that dance is a big part of our lives is an understatement. My youngest dances competitively and wants to be a dancer when she grows up. Our lives are all about dance. So I know how hard it is to find the right studio for your child’s dance education. We’ve been lucky to find a dance family that we LOVE! Hopefully  this list of dance classes in the Greater Pensacola Area will to help you find your child’s dance family too.

Dance Classes In Pensacola

Beach Life Fitness 509-220-6066
Emerald Coast Dance Conservatory 850-512-9191
Five Flags Dance Academy 850-484-0648
Gulf Point Resource Center Dance Class 850-494-7360
In His Steps 850-474-4922
LaBelle Performing Arts 850-944-5650
Pensacola School of Ballet 850-572-4712
Star Step Dance Studio 850-438-2010
The Studio of KMS 850-341-4430

Dance Classes in Gulf Breeze

A Time To Dance 850-450-6919
Broadway Lights Dance Center 850-932-5555
Gulf Coast Gymnastics 850-934-3990
Margie Shortt Dance Studio 850-932-9181

Dance Classes In Milton and Pace

Dance Academy of Santa Rosa 850-983-6900
The P.A.C.E. Studio 850-994-1875
Time to Shine Center for Performing Arts 850-994-5678
Victory Performing Arts Academy 850-776-7555

Cheer, Gymnastics, and Tumbling Classes In The Greater Pensacola Area

Did you have a little one watching gymnast on TV win gold by flipping upside down and sideways too? One who watches the cheerleaders at game and wants to cheer and flip with them? This list of gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer classes in the Greater Pensacola Area will help her reach her dreams and win her own gold medal someday!

Cheer, Gymnastics, and Tumbling Classes In Pensacola

Beach Life Fitness 509-220-6066 (gymnastics and tumbling)
Cheer Omega 850-542-70003 (cheer and tumbling)
Emerald Coast Athletics 850-435-4220 (cheer and tumbling)
First City Gymnastics 850-474-1068 (gymnastics and tumbling)
Mojo Elite 850-733-3547 (gymnastics and tumbling)
Salute Gymnastics 850-969-9111 (gymnastics and tumbling)
The Little Gym 850-495-1734 (gymnastics)

Cheer, Gymnastics, and Tumbling Classes in Gulf Breeze

Gulf Breeze Funplex 850-932-2297 (gymnastics, cheer and tumbling)
Gulf Coast Gymnastics 850-934-3990 (gymnastics and tumbling)
Panhandle Perfection Gymnastics 850-203-8058 (gymnastics and trampoline & tumbling)
Zero Gravity Athletics 850-503-0072 (cheer and tumbling)

Cheer, Gymnastics, and Tumbling Classes In Milton and Pace

First City Gymnastics 850-474-1068 (gymnastics and tumbling)
Flippin Out Gymnastics 850-983-1410 (gymnastics and acro)
The Clubhouse All Sports Training Facility 850-889-4765 (tumbling)

Art and Drama Classes and Horseback Riding Lessons In The Greater Pensacola Area

Does your little one love art, drama or horses? Let your child discover their inner creative genius or their inner actor with this list of art and drama classes in Pensacola. And for the horse lovers, we have a list of horseback riding lessons in Pensacola just for you.

Art Classes In Pensacola

A Time to Shine Center for Performing Arts 850-994-5678 (Pace)
Artfully Lillian Studio LLC 850-375-9555 (Pensacola)
Ellens Art 850-934-8538 (Gulf Breeze)
First City Art Center 850-429-1222 (Pensacola)
LaBelle Performing Arts 850-944-5650 (Pensacola)
Pensacola Museum of Art 850-432-6247 (Pensacola)

Drama Classes In Pensacola

A Time To Shine Center for Performing Arts 850-994-5678 (Pace)
LaBelle Performing Arts 850-944-5650 (Pensacola)
Pensacola Little Theater 850-432-2042 ext. 104 (Pensacola)
Southern Teen Shakespeare Company 662-278-8383 (Pensacola)

Horse Back Riding Lessons In Pensacola

Aubry Hill Equestrian Center 850-396-3102
Crazy Acres Ranch 850-206-8113
Horse Rides of Pensacola 850-944-8702
Iron Horse Stables 850-982-0954
Pensacola Riding Center 850-587-4193
Rustic Trail Stable 850-324-7682
Sunrise Stables 850-512-7433

Music Classes In The Greater Pensacola Area

Did you know music helps with math scores? It does, it also helps sooth the soul and it’s a great way for one to express themselves and their emotions. Find the right music class for your child with this list of Music Classes in the Greater Pensacola Area.

Music Classes In Pensacola

Artfully Lillian Studio LLC 850-375-9555
Blue Angel Music 850-457-7557
Brownsville Music Lessons 201-679-4168
Campus Church 850-479-6575
Gary Guitar Lessons 850-454-9067
Gandrup Flute Studio 850-898-1463
Gulf Coast School of Music 850-207-9795
Jacob’s Music Studio 850-463-0060
LaBelle Performing Arts 850-944-5650
Leitz Music 850-549-3283
Pensacola Children’s Chorus 850-434-7760
Pensacola Guitar Instruction 850-380-1959
Pensacola String Academy 850-525-2553
Robinson Harris Academy of Music 850-261-0690
Ron Kaye’s Music Instruction 850-453-9966

Music Classes In Gulf Breeze

A.R.C Music and Sound Inc. 850-932-2578
Gulf Breeze School of Music 850-261-8824
Mind on Music 850-420-6473
Piano Lessons by Cathy Crawley 850-934-1237

Music Lessons In Pace and Milton

A Joyful Noise Music Store 850-983-3008
A Time To Shine Center for Performing Arts 850-994-5678
Carol’s Music Academy 850-665-8681
Kerri Turner Piano Studio 850-712-0766

Tutoring, Enrichment and After School Programs In The Greater Pensacola Area

With the new school year comes homework and studying.  We put together this list of tutoring, enrichment and after school programs so you can find the extra help your child may need to succeed this school year, for them to learn something new, stay engaged and have fun.

After School Programs In Pensacola

Cobb Resource Center 850-436-5192 (Pensacola)
Five Flags Dance Academy 850-484-0648 (Pensacola)
Fricker Resource Center 850-436-5195 (Pensacola)
Mojo Sportz After School 850-733-3547 (Pensacola)
Montessori School of Pensacola 850-469-8138 (Pensacola)
Ninja Life 850-287-1717 (Pensacola)
The Clubhouse All Sports Training Facility 850-889-4765 (Pace)
The Rec After School Program 850-934-5140 (Gulf Breeze)
Vickrey Resource Center 850-912-4056 (Pensacola)
Woodland Heights Resource Center 850-435-1750 (Pensacola)

Tutoring In Pensacola

A Quantum Leap Educational Services 850-696-0778 (Pensacola)
Academic Center for Testing 850-293-9776 (Gulf Breeze)
Club Z! In Home Tutoring Services 850-462-7230 (Pensacola)
Educational Tutoring Services 850-466-3356 (Pensacola)
Learning Enrichment Program 850-438-6761 (Pensacola)
Learning RX Pensacola 850-466-4999 (Pensacola)
Learn Tutoring Services, Escambia County 850-602-7302 (Pensacola)
Mathnasium of Pensacola 850-490-3606 (Pensacola)
My Brain Builders Online Tutoring 850-712-1592 (Pensacola)
Sylvan Learning Centers 850-316-4556 (Pensacola)
Tutoring Solution of NWFL, LLC 850-516-0814 (Pace)

Enrichment Classes in Pensacola

4H 850-475-5230
Pensacola Cooks 850-512-4242
Pensacola Mess Hall 877-937-6377

Martial Arts Schools In The Greater Pensacola Area

Marital Arts are a great way for children to learn discipline, character while gaining confidence and strength.

Martial Arts Schools In Pensacola

Colbert’s Taekwondo Academy 850-476-1188
Gracie Pensacola Downtown 850-503-0340
Gracie Pensacola 9th Ave 850-485-5559
Lord Martial Arts and and Fitness 850-791-6887
Nabard 850-484-7749
Pensacola ATA Martial Arts 850-791-6777
Pensacola Martial Arts 850-393-1106
PTSDA Karate 850-478-0680
Red Dragon Martial Arts 850-607-2330
Rilion Gracie Elite 850-748-6338
Ron Little Martial Arts 850-484-9814
Tiger Rock Pensacola 850-484-2644
Tiger Rock West Pensacola 850-453-8400

Martial Arts Schools in Gulf Breeze

Core Martial Arts Academy 850-684-5747
Checkmat Gulf Breeze 850-934-4545
Falbo’s Family Karate 850-934-7977
Gulf Breeze Aikido and Wing Chun 850-934-1929
Midway Budo Dojo 850-499-5826
The Academy of Gulf Breeze 850-291-0727 or 850-582-4299
Tiger Rock Gulf Breeze 850-932-2248

Martial Arts Schools In Pace and Milton

Academy of Martial Arts 850-529-2370
Alex Silva Ruas Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts 850-602-3872
Martial Arts America Milton 850-983-0870
Martial Arts America Pace 850-995-4191
Pace Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy 850-816-0065
Team Remedy BJJ & MMA 850-572-1226
Tiger Rock Pace 850-994-8610
West Florida Budokan 850-408-8526

Sports In The Greater Pensacola Area

Find the perfect sport for your little athlete from soccer, to football, to golf and more on this list of sports in the Greater Pensacola Area.

Sports In Pensacola

Alpha Omega Sports Performance 850-377-1862
City of Pensacola 850-912-4109
Greater Pensacola Figure Skaters 850-308-1649
Gulf Coast Texans Soccer Club 850-477-7842
Hype Pensacola 850-382-4130
Marcus Pointe Golf Club 850-484-7010
Miracle League of Pensacola 850-433-7404
Nick Rousey Golf 850-982-8338
Ninja Life 850-287-1717
Northeast Pensacola Youth Baseball and Softball 850-712-1465
Northwest Florida Youth Sports Alliance 850-530-4765
Pensacola Beach Volleyball Club 850-341-5619
Pensacola Lacrosse 850-393-7758
Perdido Youth Sports 850-206-9286
Roger Scott Tennis Center 850-912-4103
Southern Youth Sports Association 850-438-6233
The First Tee of NWFL 850-456-7010
West Florida Waves Volleyball Club 850-393-9340

Sports in Gulf Breeze

Bayside Dynamo Soccer 352-342-0443
Gulf Breeze Futbol Academy 850-602-7540
Gulf Breeze Sports Association 850-934-5140
Shoreline Tennis 850-554-9547
Tiger Point Golf Club 850-932-1333

Sports in Pace and Milton

Immanuel Baptist Church Upward Sports 850-994-6152
Pace Athletic and Recreation Association 850-983-1858
The Clubhouse All Sports Training Facility 850-889-4765

Swim, Scuba and Surf Lessons In The Greater Pensacola Area

One of the most important things children living in Pensacola should learn is to swim. Once they become strong swimmers it’s time to have fun in the water with learning how to scuba dive or surf.

Swim Lesons In Pensacola

Aqua Mobile Private Swim Lessons 888-950-7946
Bear Levin Studer Family YMCA 850-438-4406
Northwest Branch YMCA 850-478-1222
Pensacola Athletic Center 850-453-1534
Pensacola State College Aquatics 850-485-1311
SEASTARS Aquatics 850-418-0645
UWF Aquatic Center 850-474-2497

Scuba Lessons In Pensacola

Bay Breeze Dive Center 850-934-8363 (Gulf Breeze)
Dive Pros 850-456-8845 (Pensacola)tion
MBT Divers 850-455-7702 (Pensacola)
National Scuba 850-860-7002 (Pensacola)
Scuba Shack 850-433-4319 (Pensacola)
Viking Diving 850-916-3483 (Pensacola)

Surfing Lessons In Pensacola

Innerlight Surf and Skate 850-932-5134
Outdoor Gulf Coast Windsurfing 850-466-8477
Pensacola Surging School and Rental 850-417-6416
WaterBoyz 850-433-2929

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